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Many Approaches: Achieve Golden Slumber!

Using the techniques described in these links may help you improve your sleep. Take a look and try to these many tools and options.

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What happens when you sleep?  A review of our human systems and the benefits we need from sleep

The Ayurvedic  view of sleep and sleep cycles: Three Doshas around the clock   When is the best time to sleep?

Sleep hygieneTypical and widely observed ‘things to do’ to invite and encourage sleep

handout  from Centre For Clinical Interventions

Another one  from University of Maryland

 Five Tips from Yahoo

Comprehensive Common Sleep Tips National Sleep Foundation

KEEP IT COOL More research into temperature and the metabolism of sleep  (Newly posted 1/2015)

Use HONEY to help you sleep well?

Research into Blue light and e-readers and sleep: ** IMPORTANT READ ** 
if you go to bed with your TV on or reading your laptop or kindle

Sleep Foundation Tips & Tools 

Two Sleeps There is a recent body of research that indicates our “natural” pattern of sleep has been two distinct episodes of sleep with a significant period of being awake in the middle.

Article on this phenomenon called Polyphasic sleep.

BBC Article on the research by Roger Ekirch that documents polyphasic sleep throughout history — Includes an outline of the sleep cycle/stages of phases of sleep.

Baroreflex  A slightly lower blood pressure is a natural part of falling asleep, and there are  mechanisms we can use to influence this process.

Simple definition  

American Journal of Physiology – more technical and in depth

Vagal Tone: Self regulating the Central Nervous System

Calming the autonomic nervous system and increasing Vagal tone is key to good sleep! Yoga does it!

Sleep Cycles Video: 59 seconds on: How to Wake up feeling great – 90 minute segments for your sleep planning

sleeping baby

Another View on sleep Cycles:

Every 60-100 minutes we go through a cycle of four stages of sleep

Stage 1 is a drowsy, relaxed state between being awake and sleeping – breathing slows, muscles relax, heart rate drops

Stage 2 is slightly deeper sleep – you may feel awake and this means that, on many nights, you may be asleep and not know it

Stage 3 and Stage 4, or Deep Sleep – it is very hard to wake up from Deep Sleep because this is when there is the lowest amount of activity in your body

After Deep Sleep, we go back to Stage 2 for a few minutes, and then enter Dream Sleep – also called REM (rapid eye movement) sleep – which, as its name suggests, is when you dream

In a full sleep cycle, a person goes through all the stages of sleep from one to four, then back down through stages three and two, before entering dream sleep

Source: Gregg Jacobs/ CBT for Insomnia

Acupressure points: Research has been done using valerian oil on three acupressure points to help induce longer and deeper sleep: Journal of Nursing Studies

Acu neiguan


The measurement included observation, and actigraphy measures during 10 pm–6 am, and the Stanford Sleepiness Scale (SSS) measures on the next morning. Experimental groups received valerian acupressure on the Shenmen, Neiguan, and Yongquan acupoints between 7 pm and 10 pm of the second day while control groups received regular treatment. Heart rate was measured for 5 min before and after valerian acupressure present for HR variability analysis to measure relaxation response.

Acu yongquan


The results indicated that after receiving valerian acupressure, patients’ sleeping hours increased, wake frequency reduced and SSS grades declined. The HR variability data indicated relaxation response immediately after valerian acupressure.

Video with Sleep Inducing Pressure Points

Acupressure points for falling asleep from LiveStrong


Valerian, Chamomile, Lavender, Hops

These are all herbs that can be used in various ways: Teas and tinctures, aromatherapy, essential oils.

This recipe is an Ayurvedic combination of spices to make a nightime milk to help you sleep

 Cooler Bedroom for Better Sleep

Link for article

Body Temperature

Soak your feet to help cool core body temperature: Study

Cold Socks 1

Cold Socks 2

Cold socks 3

Cold Socks 4

Positioning, Alignment, and Support for your best sleep

Diet may help: If you think you are sugar sensitive, this may help

Eating potatoes before bed may help stimulate serotonin

Protein before bedtime may help keep blood sugar stable throughout the night .

Sleep influences blood sugar

Blood Sugar influences sleep

This is mainly written for people with diabetes, but it has helpful ideas for all of us.

Keeping your blood sugars stable all night may help you stay sleepy instead of waking up  at 2:00 or 3:00 am

Some of these links require you to surf through the adverts.

For fun: A sleep quiz