ZENtangle ®

Experience relaxation and creativity:  a perfect combination.   Find your state of Zen through your creative mind.  No art experience needed; experienced artists will enjoy it also!

It is a simple, step by step process.Class fee is $20. If you need a starter kit of supplies, add $10—you are welcome to bring supplies previously purchased, or you can purchase whatever you need before or after class.  Carol Dunn has books and all sorts of goodies for continuing your Zentangle experience. Bring cash or checks, although she does also accept credit cards.

Zentangle is a DEEPLY peaceful experience, where you create some lovely artwork to give or enjoy yourself .

1–2 Case Street,  Suite 208
Norwich, CT 06360
http://tinyurl.com/AHHyoga-MB this is the link to sign up for your class.

We will
-Create beautiful abstract art pieces using a simple, step by step process
-Focus attention on our pieces and develop a relaxing, meditative practice while we draw -Discover that what might appear to be complex and not possible can be broken down into steps that can easily be mastered, one stroke at a time.