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Carol Klammer

Carol Klammer

Instructor, Owner

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I especially like the fact that we flex the mind as well as the body.  I always feel energized and have good flexibility which I attribute to my yoga practice.  Another nice aspect is the serenity of relaxation. JC

Student since 2007

Carol’s classes are great.  She is so welcoming and patient, trying to make sure that each and every person does what they can do.  No more, no less. Carol offers modified postures, making it an effective class for all.

My neck and hands as well as my feet, are sensitive and I can do most everything, with Carol’s guidance. Nothing is sore or hurts after classes…..in fact my body feels very good.  My mind is clear.


Cancer survivor for 13 years

Carol runs the class beautifully, with variety, individual attention, humor. She works her class.
I am a retired teacher. I give her an “A.”


Student since 2002

I was lost in so many ways before I found a place and a teacher that could lead me to a healthier way of living, feeling and thinking.  The child that was still within my aging body was calling out for a way to unify again. I found that place with the teaching of my yoga instructor/therapist, Carol Klammer.  She is certainly a unique, spiritual, creative spirit.

I am very fortunate to have her as a guide back to a healthier mind, body and spirit.


Artist/painter, Student since 2015

As the years have passed I have experienced changes in my body, and your expertise has helped me over come the aches and pains that have accompanied the aging process.  . . . . The real benefit, however, has been the emotional and mental benefit that I wasn’t expecting. As I began to practice on a regular basis, I found my anxiety easing, and my mental clarity increasing. DF

Retired, Student since 2004

I have always come back to Carol’s classes because they move from floor to sitting and standing in a planned-organized way, causing less stress on my joints.   She helps me learn adaptations and alternative positions if I am unable to move a certain way. Her training has made her very responsive to the needs of the participants. JC

Student since 1998