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Beginning Continuing // Continuing

Beginning/Continuing Class

Beginning/Continuing class is just that: where you cultivate your “beginner’s mind” and where you can continue your inner exploration as your awareness deepens over time.  The Asana practice (postures) will have a basic, balanced approach and the physical challenge is moderate.

We also practice Pranayamas (guided breathwork techniques) and occasional meditation or chanting. This class emphasizes the basics and fundamentals slightly more than “continuing.” It is open to all levels, and modifications are always offered, both for more and less intense experiences in the practice.

Beginning /Continuing will be Mondays at 6:00 & Tuesdays at 4:30

Continuing Class

Continuing is a stronger level of challenge, and will have an emphasis on developing
your own inward attunement. Refine your self awareness and build confidence and clarity to focus your practice where you need it the most. Develop the strength, flexibility and attunement to expand your home practice. Classes include meditation and pranayama as well as other yogic tools.

Continuing will be Mondays at 4:00 & Tuesdays at 6:30