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Hartford Healthcare Classes

Hartford Healthcare sponsors Yoga for healing

Backus Hospital through the Center for Healthcare Integration (CHI)began yoga classes for community and staff members in 2004, and continued in 2008.

With the merger with Hartford Healthcare, yoga’s healing and wellness influence has been once again called on and utilized to support cancer patients and cardo-pulmonary rehab patients to add another dimension of wellness and healing to their treatments and healthcare routines.

Yoga and Cancer
For current cancer patients and cancer alumnae.

-Learn gentle progressions of movement to stretch and strengthen
-Find more ways to release stress and tension: in body, mind and mood
-Develop mindfulness perspective to improve clarity, awareness and focus
-Use restorative techniques and breathing practices to improve overall energy and wellbeing

My scar from breast cancer surgery used to get hard and stiff. Sometimes when I moved my arm like reaching for something, it would almost feel like it was tearing. Since I have been doing yoga it hasn’t happened!!   –LJ

Carol’s classes are great.  She is so welcoming and patient, trying to make sure that each and every person does what they can do.  No more, no less. Carol offers modified postures, making it an effective class for all.

My neck and hands as well as my feet, are sensitive and I can do most everything, with Carol’s guidance. Nothing is sore or hurts after classes…..in fact my body feels very good.  My mind is clear.  –Anne Duncan, cancer survivor for 13 years

Yoga for Cardio Pulmonary Rehab Patients

Getting going again is a relief and a challenge. Increasing ease and mobility is a gradual process, with care and attention to your individual needs.
Work at your pace and get support to push a bit when appropriate, and to hang back and go easy when that is best. Most of all: Increasingly, you are able to tune in and distinguish when one or the other is optimal.

I am a 67 year old retired sailor and have been doing “gentle yoga” for about 10 years.  A Navy doctor recommended yoga for my back pain.  As my body ages, my ability to do certain poses diminishes.  When Backus Hospital offered six sessions of “Chair Yoga,” I said sign me up!

As I was driving home afterwards I was calm and serene as I usually am after a yoga session; however, this time I felt as though I had tapped into an unlimited energy source.  It was a feeling I had never experienced before or since.  I was in a state of peace with more energy and enthusiasm than I have experienced in decades.  I was in a state of blissful of euphoria.  –Mark Hillyer

Registration and enrollment  information:

For cancer and yoga classes enrollment is through Hartford Healthcare

For Cardio Pulmonary classes enrollment is through the Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation department.