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Yoga Classes

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Cost for yoga classes

at the studio

For ongoing yoga classes the fees are
10 classes in 90 days, $135
10 classes in 30 days, $108
5 classes 90 days, $70
Single classes are $15

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Classes at the Rose City Senior Center are charged per class $4 or $18 for a six week session.  Senior Center Membership must also be purchased and helps pay the teacher. Please see details about RCSC classes

Balance your Power

Using all our great Viniyoga techniques this class will challenge you to stay balanced, to balance yourself in flowing movements, and in stillness, from your physical, mental and spiritual core.
Balance the Sukha/Sthira (Calm and firm) aspect of your posture practice, Balance the Sattvic (clear) aspect of your mind.
Other core tools of Yoga including (but not limited to!)  Pranayama and Vedic chanting will also be offered.
Saturdays 8:00 a

Beginning & Continuing Viniyoga

Moderate level yoga asana (postures and movements), with enough variations & modifications that anyone who is mobile enough to get down and up from the floor easily should feel comfortable in this class. You learn to adjust the level of challenge, so you can skillfully meet your own needs. We cover basic postures and alignments, and sometimes we will use a close-up focus on a specific direction of movement or area; or sometimes we will move through a general overall practice. Most days we will take a survey of what each class member needs to pay attention to and use that for some aspect of the practice. This practice includes Pranayama, meditative focus, and relaxation.  Mondays 6:00 p and Tuesdays 4:30 p

Cardio and Strength

Please join me for a fun combination class of cardio exercises and strength-based moves to shape and tone your best self. This class is for every “body” and every level of fitness and the best part – you will not be bored! If you have your own hand weights and mat, please bring them –and water. I will provide mats or hand weights and any other equipment options.   Fridays 9:00 a

Free Flow Vinyasa w/ Yoga Nidra

Learn the basics of Hatha Vinyasa with a variety of sequences meant to challenge your mind, body and soul. Perfect for any level practitioner from beginner to the advanced yogi. In this class you will learn how to connect your breath with each movement as you flow from one pose to the next. Prepare yourself for a challenging, fun and lighthearted class. See you on your mat!      Thursdays 4:30 p


Prenatal Yoga 

Where in your busy schedule do you have time to relax, stop the full-speed traffic of your life and focus on YOU? Prenatal yoga.

A fine tuned selection of poses and stretches that takes care of your muscles and joints as your body adjusts to the changes through your pregnancy. A meditative focus on what all these transformations mean in your heart and mind. A unique opportunity to be nurtured and enjoy other women’s company. And maybe just the probability of a comfortable day or good night’s sleep afterward is well worth your time.

Saturdays 11:00 a


Yoga Basics: Foundations First

What are the foundations in the asana (posture) practice? How do you know when you’re
pushing too hard, or not working to your full capacity? Where is that “just right” point and how do you find it? What are the critical alignments for everyone, and what are your unique, personal critical alignments?
*What is the importance of mindfulness or meditation? Are they the same thing?
*Why is breathing so important? I breathe all day every day! What’s the relationship between breathing and yoga?
*What do all these foundation concepts mean in your own body? Where do we start with the meditative perspective? How to connect all the dots?
Here is a beginning level series to build from the ground up, the many elements that work together toward your practice. Level of challenge will be mild to moderate and I always offer modifications for stronger or more relaxed expression of what you need.
Yoga practitioners with experience and understanding of yoga may join and will definitely benefit from the practice. Build your confidence and internal knowledge base for what is right for you.
Saturdays 9:30 – 10:45 a