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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin?

Take a look at the On-going Classes section. Classes are offered at various times and places.
You may also schedule an individual class or personal consultation. If you would like to organize a group at your workplace or with friends and colleagues, we can develop a workshop to match your interests.

Contact me for more information.

What do I need to bring/wear?

~ Bring a mat or thick blanket that extends the full length of your height to lie on.

~ Bring a small cushion or a toss pillow or two. You can use these to support yourself in postures or during relaxation.

~ Wear comfortable, loose clothing, preferably in layers. Elastic waisted pants are a must, short or long, loose or close-fitting is fine. A sweater or sweatshirt over a tee shirt works best.

What else?

Do not eat for 1-2 hours before class. We will be barefoot, preferably, or you may wear socks. If you are coming to the prenatal class, eat a light snack before class.

What will we do in class?

We will begin with a few minutes of quiet ‘centering’ and breathing. Then gentle stretches and warm-ups will loosen muscles and joints and develop body awareness. Many of these movements may be familiar. 

As you learn each posture, I will encourage you to focus on alignment and expression of each posture that makes sense with your body, right now, in your current state of physical fitness. You will learn to honor and respect your body’s limits. Working with your present state of health and flexibility, rather then resisting it, will generate the best results.

We will also pay special attention to breathing and learn techniques to promote deep relaxation. It is in this state of deep rest that our most profound healing can take place.

Breathwork and meditation complete the practice and bring the body and mind full circle to a state of balance and integration.

It is **most important** that you pay close and conscious attention to how YOUR body and being expresses the practice. I encourage you to make modifications based on your internal observations.

My intention is to create a warm, safe, welcoming and fun atmosphere for any seeker–anyone can experience yoga’s gifts: compassionate self-awareness, clarity with equanimity, and deep peace and release.

How do I register?

1) Take a look at the Schedule and select a class. Please Contact me if you have trouble deciding which class is more appropriate for you.

2) Read the Policies.

3) Print and fill out the Registration Form.

4) Mail the required fee along with the Registration Form. Contact me for my address.

How much are the classes/workshops?

Refer to the Classes section. There you´ll find prices along with the descriptions for each class or workshop. Fees for the private classes depend on scope.