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My policies are set out here so that your expectations and mine match up. Please take a few minutes to look over the requests that make the business and community aspects of our classes smoother. I expect participants to be aware of and observe the policies unless we have an explicit agreement otherwise. Thank you for your respect and understanding.Back to Top


PLEASE listen to WICH, 1260 AM . . .(just kidding)
Not Kidding: ~> ~> I will email first, then call students who are registered and on my attendance rosters, when the weather creates a sufficient hazard that I do not want us to be out on the roads. If the public schools have canceled or delayed opening, I will likely cancel class. But I WILL try to contact you. Therefore, make sure I have your current e-mail and phone number(s). Classes that are canceled due to weather or other situations out of my direct control will be made up in the next session, or the session will be extended, or in some cases, I will offer a credit toward the registration of the next session.


Registration consists of:
1) The full class or workshop fee.
2) The registration form with all information completed (required for new, first-time students, or if any of your information I have on file has changed for returning/continuing students).

~ “Pre-registration” is simply letting me know you would like to come. “Registration” is the commitment of your fee and your registration form.

~ Your registration is for you only and is NOT transferable to anyone else for any classes.
~ For all students! I expect to receive your registration one week before the date of a workshop or at the beginning class of a session.
~ Your place in a class or workshop is assured when I have received your check and (for new students) your fully completed registration form. ~ Late Registrations will be pro-rated.~ NO Refunds – NO Credits.

* * * * * * * Please register one week ahead of the start of the class. * * * * * * * *


~ Please be on time or a few minutes early for class
~ If you are late: in respect of those who have begun their practice, please come in with as little sound as possible.
~ No cell phones or other electronic sounds, please.
~ Please avoid wearing perfume, cologne or scented cosmetics.


Enrollment is open to Adults (21 years old and over), and Youth (16 years and older). I retain the discretion to exclude any student who is causing a distraction.
Young people under age 16 are not permitted to enroll for the classes.

You need to tell me if you have any health concerns. If you visit or have visited a doctor or other healthcare professional in the last six months, or are under the care of a doctor or other healthcare professional for any condition, Please tell me. I can often advise you of appropriate modifications for certain health situations if you have informed me about them.


Missed classes may be made up during the same session at another class time & location, by arrangement. Make-ups must be taken during the current session you’re registered for. ONE make-up may be carried over into a new session ONLY if you re-enroll for the next consecutive class session.


~Missed classes may be made up during the same session at another class time & location, by arrangement.
~Make-ups must be taken during the current session you’re registered for.
~Make-up means the class you missed at the usual time and place is replaced or ‘made-up’ with another class at another time and place during the same time period.


If you are not currently registered for a class and you have attended classes before (you are not completely new) you may drop-in, by arrangement. The cost is $14. If you are registered for another class, and want to drop-in to another, extra class ( and it is not a make-up) the charge is $12.

If you have not been to any of my classes before and want to check it out, you are welcome, and your cost is $14. I ask you to email me two or three days ahead with your phone number so we can speak on the phone about your health and physical fitness, and so that I can keep our classes from being too full.

(for continuing & returning students only, and at my discretion) Tickets are good ONLY FOR THE CLASSES PUBLISHED — in other words, they are no longer good once the classes in the current calendar are over.
Please only get tickets if you can commit to at least six classes during the current schedule/calendar.
Please only get tickets for the classes you will attend before the end of the session as shown in the current schedule/calendar.
Tickets will not carry over into the new session/new year, nor will I extend credit for them.
Tickets are for One class time & location only.


I reserve the right and discretion to change these policies at any time and for any reason. I will make every effort to notify participants on this website, through other forms of communication and as soon as practically possible.


Your commitment is to yourself. It is not to me.
Your consistency and commitment to yourself will help unfold whatever it is that you would like to develop — mentally, spiritually, physically.
Your subtle self – physical, mental, and spiritual – will respond to your commitment to yourself by way of less resistance, stress, anxiety and tension, better attitude and outlook, and fuller clarity. Commit to take care of yourself each day.