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Private Classes

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Working One-on-One

You may schedule an individual class or personal consultation. A private yoga session gives you time to refine postures and alignment details, and create a sequence that you could do at home regularly in a brief personal practice. Typically we would meet once a week or every two weeks for a few sessions, until your own practice is developed. Then, a ‘tune-up’ in six weeks or longer would support you in maintaining alignment, adding some variations, or going further when you are ready. A semi-private class accomplishes the same objectives for two or three students. The fee is $75 for one hour at the studio or within 15 miles of Norwich.

Staff Development and In Service


This can take place once, weekly or monthly, or as part of a specific series. Strategies for Effective Stress Management, Supportive Lifestyles Practices, and Brief Stress Busters are a few of the many possible Yoga-based topics to offer your staff or colleagues. If you would like to organize a group at your workplace or with friends and colleagues, together we can develop a workshop or yoga experience to match your interests.  Fees vary according to topic, time needed, location and number of people.

Group Classes for a Private Group

What would you like to build and nourish? How can I help you support and sustain your life and work? What would you like to expand and cultivate: In your group of friends, in your circle of work colleagues? At your location or at the studio?
I can create a workshop, experiential or informational, customized for your group of friends, family or co-workers. The depth and breadth of yogic practices and perspectives extends far beyond ‘the yoga class’ on the mat. The wealth of ideas and practical applications of yoga lend themselves perfectly for stress management and reduction for an office or school setting. I will be happy to speak with you about a possible match for your staff training and support needs, a special event or transition celebration for a friend or family member.

Suggested topics:
Simple tools for your everyday stresses
Tame tension in no time
Stress: Friend or Foe?
Connect and collaborate: Partner yoga for clear and joyful teamwork
Peace, Love and Understanding: From the Inside out
Jack & Jill: Partner yoga for couples
Parents & Kids Yoga Play
Meditation & mindfulness- How it works (and How to Put it to work for YOU)
Growing your Willpower- making significant movement toward your goals (Based on Kelly McGonigal’s wonderful book Willpower)
Mindset – nurturing your growing edges in any part of your life (Based on Carol Dweck’s book Mindset)

Fees for Private Classes

Fees are based on the time needed for designing and offering the Yoga experience. Generally, a very basic yoga class for an individual or two people would start at $75 for an hour. A more specific focus or a larger group would change the fee. The studio is available generally when classes are not scheduled, and classes at  your location are also possible.