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Yoga Workshops

I am happy to create workshop or yoga experience, just for you.

Customized Workshops

What would you like to build and nourish? What is your goal? What would you like to expand and cultivate: In your group of friends, in your circle of work colleagues? At your location or at the studio?

I can create a workshop, experiential or informational, customized for your group of friends, family or co-workers. The depth and breadth of yogic practices and perspectives extends far beyond ‘the yoga class’ on the mat. The wealth of ideas and practical applications of yoga lend themselves perfectly for stress management and reduction for an office or school setting. I will be happy to speak with you about a possible match for your staff training and support needs, a special event or transition celebration for a friend or family member.

 Suggested topics:

Simple tools for your everyday stresses- Tame tension in no time
Stress: Friend or Foe?
Connect and collaborate: Partner yoga for clear and joyful teamwork
Peace, Love and Understanding, From the Inside out: Creating compassion and Lovingkindness
Jack & Jill: Partner yoga for couples
Parents & Kids Yoga Play
Upper back Neck & Shoulders: Abundant STRENGTH and EASE!
Low back care- Move through your life with comfort- Do all you want to do! 
Meditation & mindfulness- How it works (and How to Put it to work for YOU)
Willpower (Based on the amazing work of Kelly McGonigal)
Mindset (Based on the also amazing work of Carol Dweck)

Who would love this experience? 

Your eight-year old –  for a birthday
Your favorite cousin – for a baby shower
Direct customer service employees – simple stress relieving moves 
Office workers or administrative workers – a series on stress management 
You and your bicycle or tennis buddies – stay fit over the winter
Any work team, in any profession or industry 
A women’s night out group

The possibilities are just about endless.

If we are local, fees start at $125 for a one-hour program, up to 12 people.
I can come to your location or you can come to the studio where all the props are available.

Please contact me for details.