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I offer these Prenatal and Parenting links for my yoga students and for anyone who is interested in these ideas that come to us from Yoga and Ayurveda.

This information will be especially important for moms who may be birthing through C Section.  This emerging information could make a huge difference for you & your baby.

baby & mom

~First: what is the MicroBiome & WHY should you care?
~Michael Pollan’s article in the N Y Times is thorough
~What can you do to keep it really healthy?
~What about your baby’s microbiome?
~Things you may want to know to promote a healthy MB during your baby’s childhood
~The Canadian Medical Association has something to say about it too.
~A much more technical review of the literature, from the NIH

I am fascinated by this information and the implications for all of us, parents, children, older people, anyone!

Cord Blood Banking: cordbloodbanking.com/cord-blood/: Here is a comprehensive review of the benefits and procedures involved. For all parents, not just C-section births.

My intention is to expand this page as a resource for all my moms and I am thrilled if you have something I can add to it! LMK: Contact Me