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Yoga Basic Foundations

cobra poseWhat are the foundations in the asana (posture) practice?   How do you know when you’re pushing too hard, or not working to your full capacity? Where is that “just right” point and how do you find it? What are the critical alignments for everyone, and what are your critical alignments?

What is the importance of mindfulness or meditation?  Are they the same thing?

Why is breathing so important?  I breathe all day every day! What’s the relationship between breathing and yoga?

What do all these foundation concepts mean in your own body?  Where do we start with the meditative perspective?  How to connect all the dots?

Here is a beginning level series to build from the ground up, using the many elements that work together toward your practice. Level of challenge will be mild to moderate and I always offer modifications for stronger or more relaxed expression of what you need.

Yoga practitioners with experience and understanding of yoga may join and will definitely benefit from the practice.  Build your confidence and internal knowledge base for what is right for you.

Beginning Saturday January 5 2013

9:30 – 10:45 am