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Yoga Therapy

How can it help you?

Do you deal with recurring or ongoing pain?

Yoga therapy may be able to help release tension, strengthen and stretch, enabling you to find and maintain better posture and alignments.  Better movement and strong, relaxed muscle tone can help you feel better in your body and your mind, leading to improvement in pain symptoms.

Do you wake up stiff and tight and unable to ‘get moving’?

Yoga therapy can help you discover what simple movements are safe and effective, specifically for you.  We can create an easy routine you can do for yourself, a few minutes each day, to start each day on the right foot. Consistent practice will yeild the best results.

Do you find yourself anxious, depressed or unable to concentrate?

Do you have headaches, poor digestion or insomnia? Yoga therapy offers tools that take you directly to your nervous system to soothe, energize and balance your mood and nervous system.  You can face your tasks and responsibilites with ease and a positive attitude.

Do you have a chronic illness, autoimmune disease, or inflammatory condition?

These are problems that Yoga Therapy can help with. Yoga and Yoga therapy start from the belief that the condition of the mind, the body and the emotional, psychological and spiritual status all connect, and all influence each other.  Improving the health and balance in any one of these areas of your experience will bring better health and well-being in the other dimensions as well.

Yoga therapy starts where you would like to begin.

If you are working with a recent or an ongoing health condition, you may simply want to feel better.

Yoga therapy means we will look at how you can make small changes and get control over your health.  We want to work with your current treatments and medical providers, and give you steps and strategies that you can use to minimize your stress, and maximize the energy you need to HEAL.

Be Strong, for all you want to do.
Be relaxed, enough to enjoy all your moments.

How to begin

If you would like to work one to one to address increasing your wellness and/or improving your health problems, let’s talk.  I am here to work WITH you and your current providers and treatments, to see where we can decrease pain, increase energy, and -together- find brief and simple practices that will increase your body’s natural healing resources and resilience. 
We’ll meet six to eight times. We’ll discuss your current condition, lifestyle and time availability.  We’ll create movements, meditation or other practices that you can consistently fit into your schedule. Over time we refine the practices based on your discoveries and responses when you practice them.   If you feel confident that your practices are helping, stick with them and let’s check in again in six or eight months. 
This is YOUR healing journey, how can I help you? 
Answer these questions to help me understand your current health, and we can set up time to talk at my studio.